Meet our Team

Anton Oud has survey experience gained in Perth Metropolitan, Regional Western Australia, Europe and Canada.

Anton joined PSS soon after inception and has contributed to the growth and success of the business through his role of Business Development Manager and is a Director in PSS.

Chris Finn has a degree in Engineering and Mine Surveying, and been in the Surveying industry for 25 years.

Chris handled numerous million-dollar surveying contracts on projects such as T5B Heathrow Airport, Gorgon Jetty, and the Wheatsone Construction Village.

Peter has Bachelor of Science in Cartography and has a wide-ranging experience in all aspects of survey related drafting.

Peter joined PSS in 2012 to take up the role of Drafting Manager; Peter assumes responsibility for all incoming and outgoing drawings and is a vital cog in ensuring that quality of delivery is maintained.

Jeanne Marie Cayanan
Office Tendering Administrator

Paulo Carreon
Operations Administrator

Alfie Guillermo

Cosimo Vozza
Senior Engineering Surveyor

Stephen Mcguigan
Senior Engineering Surveyor

We support your construction team with all your survey requirements on site.

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